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Welcome to my PAW for 2005. Better luck this year. At least I got off to a good start with Week 1’s picture actually posted during Week 1! Because I am so far behind, I cheated a little bit: the three most recent pictures were all taken the same day.

This index contains thumbnails and journal entries for each photo, arranged in reverse chronological order (newest first). Click the thumbnail to see the full-size version, or skip all this verbiage and just view the larger versions virtually text-free: Click the latest thumbnail (first picture below) and work backwards (by clicking on “Prev”), or start at the beginning of the year. Clicking “index” will take you to the journal entry for that picture. Thanks for visiting!

Week 11

Week 11 (thumbnail)

Preparing an ATM transaction on Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, DC.

Week 10

Week 10 (thumbnail)

Drum corps performing in the park at Dupont Circle, Washington, DC.

Week 9

Week 9 (thumbnail)

Statue of Ghandi, Washington, DC.

Week 8

Week 8 (thumbnail)

Kind of liked the way the spotlight, which is blocked by Jim's head, created a glowing outline.

[should really be Week 14 or so...]

Week 7

Week 7 (thumbnail)

Now I ask you: What's a PAW project without some paws in it?

[should really be Week 12 or so...]

Week 6

Week 6 (thumbnail)

This should really be Week 7, but the real Week 6 isn't ready.

So, what is this? It's simple, really. I was using the washing machine as a work surface to prep dinner. The machine was on the spin cycle, and I had a bowl of cold water and brocoli I had just blanched. I was intrigued by the rippled reflection of the overhead light caused by the vibration of the washing machine.

Week 5

Week 5 (thumbnail)

We had a big snowstorm on January 22, and I took a few pictures around the neighborhood the next day. I think this one, taken two days later on a Monday night in downtown Philadelphia, is more interesting, however. That's City Hall framed by the moon and some flags along Market Street.

Week 4

Week 4 (thumbnail)

I started out wanting to make a silhouette of the entire plant (an amaryllis), because I liked the graceful splaying of the leaves. This composition was disappointing, so I zoomed in and then became more interested in seeing the green leaves themselves. Without realizing it at first, I was making almost the same picture as Week 2—glowing color created by strong backlighting.

Week 3

Week 3 (thumbnail)

Caterers preparing salad. Because of a big snowstorm, I got to this gig early and had time to take a few snaps. Out of the bunch, this one is the most significant because it testifies to me overcoming my shyness, even for only one frame. I have a hangup taking pictures of strangers; shyness, fear, dread all rolled into one. As usual, nothing bad happened. The gentleman on the right heard the shutter (that F3 shutter is LOUD, lemme tell you), turned and smiled warmly.

Week 2

Week 2 (thumbnail)

I have always been fascinated by the color of our Screwpull corkscrew and thought it might glow nicely on the light box. I held a flash about three feet above set on its lowest power (1/256) for a touch of fill on the cork. The ISO 1600 was a mistake. I should have used 200.

Week 1

Week 1 (thumbnail)

The weather on New Year’s Day set a record high (61 degrees, I think it was), so we grabbed our cameras and headed out the door. We stopped at our church to take some pictures, and I concentrated on some of the architectural details.

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