Salon / Index / 2002

Welcome to my index of Streetphoto Salon entries, which contains thumbnails and journal entries for each photo--all three of them. Heh. Click the thumbnail to see the full-size version. Thanks for visiting!


Yellow (thumbnail)

I hadn't entered anything in the salon for quite some time (since I never have anything appropriate), but when the topic "yellow" was announced, I immediately thought of this picture. This snapshot was taken while watching a parade during Oil Heritage Week in Oil City, Pennsylvania. Oil City is a small town in the northwest section of the state not far from Titusville, which is where the first oil well in the United States was drilled in 1859. Oil City boomed during the 19th century, but unlike many now-depressed boom towns has made the transition from a mineral-based economy and seems quite prosperous. My wife grew up there and hadn't been back in many years when we took our trip there in the summer of 2001.

Whatever one might say about this photograph, it is definitely yellow.

Holy Places

Holy Places (thumbnail)

This is one of the doors at our church. The beautiful ironwork is quite picturesque silhouetted at night. The picture is not that good and is a rather unimaginative choice for the topic "Holy Places," but you can see for yourself why I submitted it anyway. Look closely at the upper right of the door for the name of a well-known camera manufacturer.


Patriotism (thumbnail)

I never had a picture remotely appropriate for any of the Salons so far. This one, although utterly unremarkable, at least is on topic, so what the heck.

The occasion was the dedication of the town square park in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. I was there that day hanging out and listening to a band whose members are friends of mine.

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