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Ted Adams Photography Show at Penn

I don’t go to very many gallery receptions mainly because I never find out about them unless I have some kind of personal connection, however slight, with the artist. I always enjoy myself immensely, however. I mean you’ve got your art, your gourmet snacks, your scintillating conversation, your running into old acquaintances. I could imagine a full life just crashing one reception after another, and I would do it, too, if I could live on wine, cheese and raw vegetables. What a life that would be. Maybe they’ll even make a movie about it.

Kathleen Connally’s show opened Sunday at the Indian Rock Inn in Bucks County. And not merely wine and cheese, but there was a three-course Mediterranean dinner Friday night. That would have been a fun evening, but regrettably I was unable to attend. This Wednesday, October 12, a show by Philadelphia photographer Ted Adams will open at Kelly Writers House Art Gallery on the Penn Campus. It’s entitled “Stills from the Cinematic Street” based on Adams’ books of black-and-white photography, “Between Cracks: Philadelphia Photographs” and “Bleak Is Beautiful.” The reception is from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at 3805 Locust Walk (215-573-9748). I’ve never met Ted, but I have admired his work for some time; I also happen to think of the street in a cinematic or theatrical way. Barring some unforeseen crisis at work, I will be attending.

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