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Friday Is the Big Day

Can’t wait till Friday.

Hoo boy.


Some time after 6:00 PM on Friday I should be in possession of a certain something oh so shiny and new, and I am so psyched.

I know it’s not for everyone, but I’ve always wanted one and finally it will be mine.

Imagine something small and lightweight that nestles easily in the palm of your hand and can be operated with two fingers. You can probably take a guess what it is—I've given you enough hints.

Give up? It's a Zeiss T* ZM Biogon 35mm f/2 lens, of course! Did you think I was talking about the iPhone or something?

It will arrive just in time to celebrate my Leica’s fifth anniversary (July 1) when my then-fiancée Anne stunned me with a Leica M4 and 50mm f/2 Summicron lens. As nice as the Summicron is, I’ve often wished for something a little wider than the 50, hence the 35. The Biogon, while not cheap, is significantly cheaper than a Leica lens and by all accounts a respectable performer.


Okay, you had me at Friday. I thought it was the iPhone, but that's even cooler...f/2, baby!

I had a good idea of what it would be from the moment you said that you were so psyched.


You will love the wider format.

I hope to see it soon.

Congrats! And yes, you got me!

Thanks! It was a cheap trick, but I just couldn’t resist. Turns out the lens was out for delivery today, so I should get it tomorrow. That’s much faster service (from UPS) than I paid for.

The Biogon is a great lens. Enjoy it.

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