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Amtrak Outage [nanoblog]

Add another service to those that deserve a Temporarily In Service sign: Amtrak. A large outage on the Amtrak system affected part of SEPTA’s system as well and hence me. I was stuck on a train for a mere 20 minutes and eventually was able to get home and drive to work. I consider myself very lucky. A real, red-blooded blogger would have written this post on the train in the heat of the moment, or better still, posted live from the train as Rick Klau did. Clearly I’m more comfortable with the Wordsworthian tack of “emotion recollected in tranquility.” Even at the time I wasn’t too upset, and now two days later, all I can muster is a heavy sigh. This time at least, it wasn’t SEPTA’s fault.


Sorry to hear that. It's remarkable that Amtrak is still running given the shortchange it's been given under the current government.

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