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Flower Show 2007

Another year, another Flower Show. No, I don’t take it for granted. This year’s was a particularly good one. I think this was the first show I went to unencumbered by a camera.

SEPTA managed to distinguish itself in the eyes of a small group of passengers at the Market East station. Understand that during the Flower Show, SEPTA gets a lot of business from suburbanites who would otherwise never set foot on a train, so you would hope they would be on their best behavior, or maybe that’s just their excuse not to care. Anyway, the R5 heading to Doylestown was still labeled “Thorndale” (where it was coming from), so even though the regulars knew where the train was going, someone unfamiliar with all this naturally asked about it. The conductor tried to make a joke about it, but the intent was to dismiss the question. I have to admit that the vast majority of conductors are professional and helpful and even this guy wasn’t rude, but come on, how hard is it to flip the sign? Way to go.


That happened to some of my wife's family who were in from Iowa a couple of years ago...they were supposed to come to Paoli, and ended up in Landsdale. Long trip back...and *oops* said the conductor. Ugh.

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