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SEPTA Outrage

Fun day for regional rail riders. (That would include me.) When I left work at around 5:30, no trains were running due to a power outrage. (Is that spelled right? Yeah, I think so.) I took it in stride, as all long-suffering commuters must do when entrusting SEPTA to deliver them to their destinations. My wife was kind enough to rescue me, and the disaster didn't ruin our evening. We couldn't rescue any fellow travelers, because for one, the car was full of mulch bags, and for another, everyone else had already struck out across country in search of alternatives.

This might be a good opportunity for any of you perhaps disgruntled SEPTA customers to take a survey being conducted by PhillyRiders (as seen on PhillyFuture). Vent that spleen; you'll feel better. That is, if any of you PhillyRiders are home yet. Godspeed!

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