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Commutus Interruptus

I knew we were in trouble when the train stopped at Fern Rock station, and the conductor announced with exasperated sarcasm, “Welcome to Friday. Everybody off the train!” I soon gathered that all SEPTA trains heading inbound from the northern suburbs were stopping here thanks to “police activity” at Market East station. When I finally got to work, I learned what that activity was—a bomb-sniffing dog had targeted some guy’s backpack. The object that the dog objected to turned out to be a propane nozzle. I guess it didn’t help that the suspect was reportedly wearing camouflage clothing.

I don’t know... it seems obvious to me. Somebody wearing camo with a propane nozzle? it’s pretty clear what we have here is a pastry chef on his way to scorch some crème brûlée, although I could be wrong; he might have been an artist (like Tremain Smith).

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