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April 13, 2007

Leopard Delayed Till October: A Nation Yawns

This is me in “full freakout mode” reacting to the news that Leopard will be delayed until October.

::brownian motion::

One question. Will we be seeing 10.4.10 (and beyond) before Leopard flips the odometer to 10.5.0? Reason I’m asking is some folks think there are no numbers higher than 9. I am not one of them. Bring on 10.4.9999!

Clearly, the iPhone (the reason cited for the delay) is a more significant product for Apple than another rev of OS X. And is Tiger really so bad? I mean, c’mon! While Microsoft’s marketing subtext has always seemed to be ‘Yeah, we know Windows <current version> kinda sucks, but just wait until you see Windows <latest version>,’ I just don’t feel deeply dissatisfied with Tiger.

April 4, 2007

Spring Break in Paris [nanoblog]

The Girl Who Ate Everything documented her spring break in Paris (!) in a series of achingly beautiful photographs mostly of food. Really hit me where I live. Simply. Amazing. Via The Amateur Gourmet.

April 3, 2007

Second Bee Hive

Anne started keeping bees last year, and in short order she harvested almost two gallons of honey. Her bees not only made it though the winter, but this year she is adding another hive. Saturday we went to pick up the new bees.

Jim pouring bees

In the morning we attended a hive-loading demonstration. Here Jim shows how to “pour” bees into the new hive.

Anne pouring bees

Later in the day, Anne pours her own bees into the new hive. The original hive is on the left.

It’s not quite as simple as it looks, but all went smoothly. Yesterday was the first warm, sunny day, and the new hive was already buzzing with activity.


I am totally fascinated by Anne's bees. I do believe a podcast about bees and honey is begging to be made.

Yay!! Keep it up, maybe you can singlehandedly solve this honeybee problem we seem to be having. Congrats on the new hive.

So no trouble with disappearing bees? You realize that you are bucking the world trend in which bees are leaving hives by the millions.

It certainly looks cool to raise bees. What besides honey do you get out of doing this?

Rick, we've been lucky so far. Last year was the first year for beekeeping, and the colony made it through the winter, but it's underpopulated and still not clear whether that hive will fully recover. Our bees have the common problem of varroa mites, but nothing more serious than that. No reason we should be immune to CCD though. My wife is the beekeeper (and gardener) in the family and always wanted to keep bees after taking a class in college. Her original and still-principal aim was to have bees for their pollination benefits; the honey is just a bonus.


April 1, 2007

UAW Organizes Casino Dealers

I read on that Trump Plaza dealers voted to unionize and join the United Auto Workers. Probably a simple misunderstanding—UAW officials thought they said car dealers, not card dealers. Another oddity is this quote from Joe Ashton, regional director of UAW Region 9: “The dealers have stepped up in the past year to be organized, and the UAW is the vehicle that they chose.” Vehicle? Ouch. I’m sure it’s all true, of course, but never trust anything you read on April 1. :-)