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January 23, 2008

Armed America: Lecture and Signing

Philadelphia-based photographer Kyle Cassidy will be giving a lecture with slideshow and signing copies of his book Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes at the Penn Bookstore (3601 Walnut Street), Thursday evening at 7:00. I’m going because some of the photos have cats in them. Well, that’s not the only reason; it’s a remarkable book.


that sounds great! but i'm already going to the ASMP show reception at UArts and then a state senate forum tomorrow night. arg.

January 22, 2008

For Drummers Only [nanoblog]

Oh, go ahead. Anyone can watch it. Children of all ages (1 to 100) like to bang on the drum all day. Charming and not just cause it’s drum-related. Via Snarkmarket.


i'm no drummer, but i watched it anyways! i loved 78 and 89.

I loved those two and 15 and 46 as well.

January 19, 2008

Blogger Meetup Recap

A couple of meetups I attend are on life support, including the Philly Blogger meetup, several of which at the end of 2007 had attendance of exactly one person. No problem, as worst case I still get a delicious sandwich, the chance to check out some new beers, and strange looks from the wait staff. Still, it is nice to actually, you know, “meet up” with people at these meetups. I didn't have high hopes for today’s meetup, but this one came roaring back from its near-death experience (probably thanks to organizer Scott McNulty’s deft skill with the defibrillator paddles). Fifteen people showed up! South Philadelphia Tap Room really worked out for the meetup, at least from my perspective. I loved the beer selection (all the beers on tap were new to me), and my sandwich was great. I had a wonderful time catching up with everyone, some of whom I hadn’t seen in a long time.

I gotta give SEPTA some credit for a super-smooth trip. I took the train to Suburban and jumped on the Broad Street subway. I only had to wait two minutes for the subway (they run about every ten minutes), and my total travel time was only 45 minutes. There’s no way I could have driven there that fast, and parking in South Philly is challenging. I was also impressed by the quality of musicians playing in Suburban, including a young cellist burning up a Bach suite, a fine violist, and a guitarist. Shades of Joshua Bell. Please consider joining us for the next meetup on February 16 at 3:00 pm. It’s a fun and welcoming group (registration with is not required).


a fantastic turnout indeed. i wish i got there earlier, but my bus ride wasn't so hot. i waited for the C bus at broad/pine for over half an hour. such is life. i had a great time once i was there. great to finally make it out to a meetup again.

I'll be at another one in the future - just tough to get there each time. Looking forward to it though.

@Colin, I know it’s a loooong ride for you, but I am looking forward to seeing you!
@Albert I am all about the subway now; there’s one about every ten minutes.

January 18, 2008

Blogger Meetup Tomorrow

I’ll be attending my first Blogger Meetup since October (at which I was the only attendee) tomorrow—even though I’m barely blogging. I have high hopes of not being the only one there and am looking forward to sampling the fare at an establishment new to me: the South Philadelphia Taproom. I’m planning to get there using SEPTA, a trip that includes the Broad Street subway, which I haven’t been on since high school when I rode it every day. Adventure is my middle name.

January 14, 2008

On the Eve of the Macworld Keynote

I have no predictions, but I do have more of a personal stake in this keynote—unlike most others. Despite the inevitable technolust each keynote inflames, we don’t buy much stuff. For example, last year’s keynote introduced the iPhone (arguably the coolest gadget evah), yet I value Verizon’s coverage too much to get one, and Anne (who could actually use one) isn’t planning to get one at least until her Verizon contract runs out. What’s the opposite of impulsive?

This year, however, I am in the market for a new laptop. As much as I love my current 12-inch PowerBook (by far the best laptop and indeed the best Mac I’ve ever owned), it’s three years old and doesn’t sport the Intel hotness, and besides I’m getting tired of it telling me “Your startup disk is almost full.” As luck would have it, Apple is rumored to be announcing a new laptop (or laptops) tomorrow. I always thought I needed the smallest laptop Apple made and salivated at the thought of the sub-notebook rumored to be released tomorrow, but riding public transportation has made me realize that I really don’t need the ultimate in portability. A 15-inch MacBook Pro will do just fine.

I see on that it looks like anyone will be able to watch the keynote. That can only mean an exceedingly Important Announcement will be made.

UPDATE post-keynote: The MacBook Air is sweet, but I really need more of a desktop replacement. Eagerly awaiting the Penryn refresh of the MacBook Pro.


I'm with you on the Air. I really think it is a great product but I since I use my laptop as a desktop replacement, and not an ultra-portable accessory to a Mac Pro sitting on my desk, I need a Macbook or Macbook Pro.

My black Macbook, now over a year and a half old, is still working great I just wish I had a larger hard drive and a dedicated GPU. Today, I got neither of those. I'm hoping that some point in the not-too-distant future Apple will update its current line of black Macbooks to include the LED display, a much larger hard drive, and perhaps some sort of graphical compromise that will allow me to run applications like Final Cut Pro and Aperture without absolutely crippling my computer.

All of that being said, my wife Eliza has an iBook that is randomly shutting down (presumably because of a small hair-line crack in the logic board), is slow as hell at times, and her hard drive is always megabytes from being full. She desperately needs an upgrade.

If the Macbook Air was $1,000 bucks, or somewhere in that area, I'd be getting her one as soon as possible. But at $1,799 I think I'll be holding out until the next Macbook refresh for her as well. But I might soon not be given the choice if her computer decides to simply not turn on anymore (something I think is bound to happen).

I love forward to all of us getting our next computer. ;)