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Pennsauken Animal Shelter Is Closing

I know we’re just so all about cats here at mere cat, but we have room in our hearts for dogs when they’re in need. I heard today that the West Jersey Animal Shelter is closing January 25. The bad news is that the shelter’s owner has had her license revoked following some serious allegations about conditions there not due to cruelty, but mostly to overcrowding brought on by the shelter’s no-kill policy. The good news is that the shelter will not be closing permanently, but only long enough to undergo some extensive renovations to improve conditions and address the allegations. Meanwhile, the shelter has 28 dogs to move or place before they are forced to close next week. Any dogs who are not adopted by then will be moved to temporary housing; they are requesting donations to defray the cost of housing the dogs elsewhere. Donations can be made through PayPal at the West Jersey Animal Shelter web site.

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