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Lobster Rolls in Manhattan?

Anne's sister graduates from NYU with an MBA next week, and we are headed to New York to celebrate. Such an auspicious event calls for lobster rolls (if not champagne), but I'm not sure we can work any into the schedule. The only lobster roll I've ever had in New York was at Aquavit, and that doesn't count, so I'm looking forward to trying some others. There are no places within walking distance of Madison Square Garden, and the two closest places, Maine on Fifth and Shaffer City Oyster Bar & Grill, I know nothing about.


Google Maps search of Manhattan for lobster rolls

What this? It's a Google Maps search for lobster rolls in Manhattan.

  1. Maine on Fifth
  2. Mary's Fish Camp
  3. Pearl Oyster Bar
  4. Mermaid Inn The
  5. Shore
  6. W New York Times Square Hotel
  7. About.Com
  8. Bongo
  9. Pier 116
  10. Lobster Place

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