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Impress Her with Your Volume

Lots to blog about this weekend in the It’s a Wonderful Life department, but not much time to write about it. Three-day weekend, beautiful weather, getting to see old friends, lots of food...

Anne brought home a jar of honey from a local hive on Saturday that she witnessed being made. The wooden frames supporting the honeycomb are placed inside a machine like a giant salad spinner and centrifugal force extracts the honey. We were looking for something to do with this fresh honey so last night while we were making a vat of applesauce (our contribution to today’s picnic), I whipped up a batch of waffle batter. Just to explain, I like yeast waffles best, which have to be made the night before (recipe here). I just followed the recipe as I usually do, but this batch made the lightest and crispiest waffles we’ve ever had. Anne was impressed, hence her suggestion of the spammy post title.

Hope you’re having a great weekend with your honey, too.


Sounds like it was a great weekend - and am glad you had a honey-filled weekend!

Would the yeast waffle recipe work as pancakes too? I've always wondered that as I don't have a wafflemaker? It seems conceptually that it might.

Ellen, it probably would work; they’re very similar. Compared to the best pancake recipe I’ve ever tried (Better Blueberry Pancakes in July/August 2003 Cooks Illustrated), the waffle recipe uses about twice as much butter, an extra egg, and yeast instead of baking powder. Might be the best pancakes ever!

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