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Food for Thought

Over the weekend I was visited by Josie who took an instant dislike to me and ripped me a new one in the comments. She said some very perceptive and thought-provoking things, however, that are worth discussing, given this unexpected opportunity.

In a comment that I impulsively deleted, she observed that I have this kind of perfect life with nothing out of place and no real feelings.

Judging from my site, that is very true! Woody Allen once said, “You’re always trying to get things perfect in art because it’s real difficult in life.” Not that this blog is art, but it is “artistic” in that it is a constructed fiction that I created to represent me. I call it “fiction” not because what I write isn’t true, but because by leaving things out, it doesn’t tell the whole story. That’s my choice. Pain and conflict can be the basis of great literature; I’m just not enough of a writer to pull that off.

That said, I’ve had my share of insecurity, frustration, loss, and depression, but that gets swept under the rug when I sit down to write. I’d probably have a much larger audience if it didn’t, but again that’s my call. You can’t please everybody, and I write mainly to please myself. That is all.


Illegitimi non carborundum, or some other manufactured Latin phrase. Ah, the joys of comments. I do think it's completly unfair of your commentor to go negative. It's not in the spirit of what you write, and what you write doesn't smack of "look how goo I have it, sucks to be you." Strange how people get with their reading.

Well, I say keep on keeping on. It's good authentic writing. If someone's miserable, I hope they get better. If not, you could use a variation on what I say to the knuckleheads: Too bad, but in the morning you still have to wake up and be you.


     Reading your blog inspired me to blog. I love reading what you decide to share. I was never under the impression that you blog for traffic.

     People...people. My blog is a collection of asinine dreck. What to do?

     You don't seem like the kind of person who would be impacted by a negative comment (I hope not). I appreciate that criticism can be valuable, but if you are already fulfilling your vision, then people can read, like (or dislike) and become a fan (or move along). Your audience is yourself. Right?

     I mean, come on - its a blog for cryin' out loud (a blog that I happen to enjoy very much).

I'm glad that episode, rude as it was, didn't discourage the comments. And please delete if you must; it's your castle.

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