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Autumn Light

Apparently something magical happened last Wednesday—something I completely missed, insensitive clod that I am. Fortunately the fleeting phenomenon was captured and transformed into something more permanent. A dreary day like today seems like the perfect time to recollect it.

That day, Anne was struck by the oblique sunlight that set everything it touched on fire. She showed me a beautiful series featuring glowing orchard grass and taxodiums. While the light seemed to symbolize the end of the green seasons, we are actually looking forward to the winter light, as that season’s sunlight is always more saturated.

Justrose of Anonymous Rowhouse shared a moment in her commute that also symbolized the pivotal moment in the transition between seasons. Her piece certainly evoked an ineffable feeling of wistfulness in me; maybe it will in you as well. I just feel lucky to have read it and seen the light, literally as it were.



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