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Lord, Give Me Strength

Literally. At one point in my life (about 12 years ago, during my mid-life crisis), I decided to try and get into some kind of shape and got a weight bench and began running. This regimen lasted less than a year, but I never felt better or had more energy.

That energy drained away long ago. Now I often make ambitious plans for the evening but end up doing something less challenging simply because I’m “too tired.” I know that exercise is the answer, yet starting to exercise is so hard. Now Anne is interested in exercising, too, so we are hoping to motivate each other. Tonight we dusted off ye olde weight bench and just did a few stretches. Just stretching was surprisingly painful, but you have to start somewhere. Tomorrow we might actually pump some iron. Nothing strenuous, you know, just maybe something like a seven iron.


I'm with you, brother. I used to exercise all the I work all the time. And I need to get moving. Your article reminds me of that.

The best kind of iron to "pump", in my opinion, is indeed one that leaves a small divot. ;)

This reminds me of the weight bench I got for Christmas when I was 10 (I think). I used the heck out of that thing for a long time - inspired mostly by those Charles Atlas ads that ran in the comic books - but after the age of 16, not so much.

I'd say I don't even know what became of the set, but just a few months ago my parents sold it when they were getting rid of all the junk in their old house. My father asked if I wanted to take it, and for some reason I said no.

Hope your Christmas was fantastic, by the way.

thanks for all the blessing u give me lord and sorry for all of my sins and i love you so much!!! :)

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