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Film at Eleven

Or more like 11:30, and this shot really is film (Fuji Astia slide film). We’re heading to Anne’s home town for a short visit. This was taken in 2001 on our last visit. We actually ate at that McDonald’s then and probably will again. Once every four years can’t hurt you.


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Wow, when I first glanced at this shot I thought it was of a chalet in an Alpine ski area. Funny. Mickey D's. I actually had my first Big Mac in a year or two...and I must say it was pretty tasty.

Strengely enough, my teenage sons don't like it, and haven't for a few years. My 14-y-o watched Supersize Me in his AP Bio class this year and was really struck by what happened to that guy. Thank goodness they are aware of healthy eating...I certainly didn't learn it when I grew up (Irish Catholic cooking is all meat, potatoes and sweets after the meal. Yikes!).

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