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Back to Work

Ugh. It was back to work today after a blissful week in the southern part of Maine (aka Vacationland!). Except for one rainy day (thanks to the remnants of Ophelia, I believe), the weather was perfect. Although the trip was built around lobster-roll destinations, we spent more than the usual amount of time away from civilization discovering new trails through the many wetlands and preserves.

Sister Mary Catherine’s Internet Cafe sign

As enjoyable as that was, neither of us could quit the internet for a whole week, so we found an internet cafe not far from our place called Sister Mary Catherine’s. Rich coffee, delicious scones, and high-speed access. Woo-hoo! (Sounds just like home, actually.) Still, this was a vacation away from computers, so we only stopped in twice, and I had no trouble taking a break from blogging.

Herewith, then are a few highlights of the trip in photographs taken mostly by Anne. I restricted my photographic efforts to documenting the 17 lobster rolls I enjoyed (reviews of which will trickle into the food section eventually).


Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm

A wetland that is part of the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm.


Portland Head Light

The Portland Head Light photographed by Anne—my favorite picture of the trip.


Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier

One view of Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier in Kittery Point. Not one of the best lobster rolls, but one of the most picturesque settings.


At Mount Agamenticus

Watching the sunset at the top of Mount Agamenticus in York County.

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